Ballet Inspired Halloween Shoot

One of the great things about shooting weddings along with fine art, is you get to meet a lot of incredibly creative people, including florists. When Katie from Mac’s Floral asked if I wanted to work with her to create a dark and ominous ballet inspired shoot for Halloween, of course I said yes! We called up a few models and our awesome makeup artist, Sydney, put together the outfits and bouquets and scheduled a time at Billings Open Studio. Anna and Jessica (from the Billings Terpsichore Dance Company) did an amazing job. They did everything I asked, all while tangled in a ridiculous amount of fabric…in pointe shoes. 

In the end, this was the final result. This shoot was so much fun and I cannot wait to work with these amazing girls again!!


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13 thoughts on “Ballet Inspired Halloween Shoot

      1. aah simply perfect, I have both those lenses in 1.8.. one day I will upgrade 🙂 thank you. I have a long way to go, I love admiring other people’s work!

  1. These are gorgeous. I stumbled on your work from your “New Photographer” blog on PetaPixel. I’ve been planning out my own dark ballet shoot. I love the lighting in yours! It’s also nice to see that you’re getting these beautiful results with midrange lenses instead of refusing to shoot with anything other than a 1.2 (I know those people; there are a lot of them around here). I have the 50mm 1.4 and I’ve wanted the 85mm for awhile… I really think that’s where I’m headed next. I started as a music photographer (and it’s still in my blood), but I’ve recently been branching out to some more conceptual portraiture. I was terrified at first, but I’m loving what I’m shooting, and it got me out of the rut I’d found myself in for awhile.

    Your post/site came along at just the right time. Thanks. 🙂


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