Polaroid Preset Collection for Lightroom & Camera Raw


Five years ago in a tiny thrift shop across the street from my house, I purchased a Polaroid camera for $8. I was told it probably didn’t work and wouldn’t amount to anything more than a piece of decoration, but as soon as I got it home and switched out the film it worked perfectly! Since then, I’ve been obsessed with the look of Polaroid film, and have been working to emulate it in my digital photos.

After years of editing, shooting, and re-editing, I’ve created these 10 Polaroid presets designed for use in both Lightroom AND Camera Raw, to give your photos that nostalgic, classic Polaroid look and feel. Since not all film is the same, neither are all 10 presets. Ranging from dark and moody to soft and dreamy, these presets are meant to give you a variety of editing options to best create your own personal style.

There are 10 presets total, all made for a variety of lighting and color conditions, from dark and underexposed to harsh, direct sunlight. I recommend playing with your white balance and exposure with each one to find the look you most prefer!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at jennamartinphoto@gmail.com :).



Please keep in mind, like all presets, these will work differently on every photo due to changes in lighting, white balance, camera, etc. I’ve designed them to work with properly exposed images, but many of them work even better for underexposed, shadowed photos, while others also work well with bright, backlit photos. Not every preset works on every photo. It’s best to experiment with each one to see what you like best!

Polaroid Presets Include:

  1. 35mm: A classic film preset, meant to be as true to the RAW image as possible.
  2. Alley Cat: A lightly toned preset designed to give shadowed or underexposed photos a summery glow. Works particularly well with photos with a lot of greenery.
  3. Aurora: A soft, pinkish hued preset made for pretty sunsets and silhouette shots.
  4. Dandelion: One of my favorite presets, one I come back to over and over again. Has warm, lifted shadows and works well on nearly every photo I use it on.
  5. Glow Bug: Specifically designed for twinkling city lights at night, but also gives daytime photos a warm boost of light.
  6. Lumos: A neutral, muted preset made for evening out light and color tones. Another of my favorites that works well on a variety of lighting conditions.
  7. Peach Tree: Heavier blacks and creamy highlights round out this preset, another of my favorites.
  8. Pink Lemonade: Bright, warm, and happy, this preset reminds me of lazy summer days from years past.
  9. Pumpkin Blossom: Classic film tones with an emphasis on pops of red and orange.
  10. Wisp: A soft, muted preset with light green undertones, made to emulate classic Polaroid film.

These Polaroid presets are specifically designed for use in the desktop version of Lightroom (which can be dowloaded HERE) and Camera Raw in Photoshop. They are not filters you can use on your phone. Even though they perform best on RAW images, it’s possible to use them on select JPEG images as well. To install them, simply drag and drop them into the Settings folder inside your Camera Raw folder. Click here for a quick demo video for installation.

For more options, these pair perfectly with my Travel Photography Preset Collection with 22 presets for travel, food and portrait photography, or get both collections HERE!

The download link expires after 24 hours, so if you weren’t able to access it in time send me an email at jennamartinphoto@gmail.com and I’ll send you another download link :).

Unfortunately, since they cannot be returned, I cannot issue refunds for purchased presets.


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