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The Photo I Wish I Had

Today was my wedding day.

It wasn’t a very big wedding. We’d actually been planning to get married in August, but after we…

When It All Gets To Be Just Too Damn Hard

I have had a shitty, shitty week. 

Not like the kind of week, where you have a flat tire, an overdraft fee and…

An Open Letter to the Artist Support System

Support is a funny thing.

As an artist, 96% of our career is spent dealing with rejection. Rejection from friends, family, other artists and…

Inspiration in Photography & Why My Crazy Isn’t Going Anywhere

I love December. I love Christmas, I love all the sparkly lights and gingerbread everything, not to mention the fact that snow makes…

Dear New Photographer…

Dear New Photographer, 
I’m writing this post because I was up late last night on a Facebook forum, reading close to 200 comments…

5 Words You Don’t Hear Often Enough

I couldn’t remember the last time someone had told me that, and I’ll never forget how hard it hit me when someone finally did.

Can We All Just Stop Complaining About “Stolen Work” Already?

“They stole my idea.”

Oh, honey, sure they did.

Ok, bearing in mind that we all tend to get a little defensive when we…

How “Do What You Love” Can Be A Realistic Career Option

“Do What You Love” may seem like horrible advice, when in fact it’s perfectly reasonable as a career option – provided you have these two important factors.