Overcoming Fear When Taking Creative Risks

Diving into something new can be terrifying, but that’s not always bad. We want a little bit of fear involved – it means we’re doing something new and exciting, that we’re pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. It only becomes a problem when we become paralyzed, forever locked in place by the fear of the unknown.

“There is not ‘perfect time’ to get started. If you spend your life waiting for that ‘perfect time,’ it’s never going to arrive!”

Today I’m talking everything about overcoming fear. This is an especially relevant topic for me as this is the very first episode of the Creative Chaos Podcast, something I’ve been putting off for over a year now!

First I’ll discuss why this fear is so heavy. Why we stay stuck, why it’s harder changing jobs to a creative field than it is to a more traditional field. I talk about the guilt involved, especially for those of us who are parents and feel we are somehow robbing our families of our time the second we take any steps to pursue our own happiness. I also talk about that “perfect time” we all wait for when starting something new.

I’ve made a list of 8 different techniques to keep us moving forward. Hopefully one of these works for you!

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October 26, 2018



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