Trieste Walking Guide

Trieste Walking Guide

Your guide to some of the most photogenic, delicious and interesting spots in the city of Trieste, Italy.

I’ve just completed my Trieste Walking Guide! Trieste, Italy was very different than I imagined it. There were no crowds, no lines, basically no tourists at all. It was friendly, warm and lively, and I can’t wait to go back!

Trieste was easy to navigate, and thankfully our host for our hotel was incredibly knowledgable about the area and sent us a trove of recommendations. My 2 and a 1/2 year old daughter got her first taste of real gelato here, and of course she was instantly hooked. For the rest of our time in Europe she was asking for more!

If you’d like to explore with a stroller, it’s perfectly doable. The sidewalks can get a bit narrow and bumpy, but it’s nothing you can’t temporarily navigate on your way to a specific location. Make sure you stay to the shoulder though; drivers in Italy have two speeds: parked and insanity.

One of the reasons we stayed in Trieste was how close in proximity it is to so many other great places. Take day trips to Venice, Slovenia or Crotia. Otherwise feel free to explore what you can, and then relax. Trieste isn’t about seeing as much as you can, it’s about slowing down, enjoying an espresso and watching people pass in front of you. Maybe take a nap or read a book. Whatever winds you down, this is the place to do it!

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You can open the map on your phone using Google Maps. On the bottom it will give you the option to “View Map Legend.” This will allow you to turn off the various layers, like the Interesting Spots, Shopping and Food layers. Tap each location on the map to see my description, recommendations and sometimes even photos!

Bonus Tip: Drop a pin in your starting location so you can always easily access directions back. From your pin you can also create your own walking routes through the city! I already have the train station marked.

I hope you enjoy my Trieste Walking Guide! Drop me a comment if you come across an amazing location I should add!

June 7, 2018