Quiz: What Kind of Photographer Are You?

So I did something pretty cool today…I made a quiz!

Normally I wouldn’t write an entire blog post about this. I mean, quizzes have been around since forever ago. I think young, impressionable Jenna was going ham on them during the days of MySpace, and I’m sure I’ve done my fair share of Buzzfeed quizzes that came across my Facebook timeline. But this one is very different, and let me tell you why.

Most quizzes are fun. You take them once and move on with your day, but these ones can actually be integrated into your website and blog. Meaning you can create some pretty specific quizzes for potential clients. Quizzes that people can fill out when they visit your site, and if they choose to enter in their email, you can follow up with them later.

If you’re savvy enough to have your email list broken down into categories and subgroups, you can create a different email campaign for every result in the quiz.

So say you’re a family photographer, you can separate your client email list into subgroups depending on the ages of their children. Maybe they have high school seniors, middle schoolers, elementary aged kids, or little tots. You could create a quiz with results specific to each age group, and as people are added to your email list they are also automatically separated into the relevant subgroups, giving you the power to create a specific email campaign for each subgroup of your clients.


Before I made my first quiz, I felt anxious. I knew this was something I absolutely had to try (it’s just a flat out brilliant feature for online marketing), but would I have to learn an entirely new program? Would it take me all day to figure out how to put one of these things together? I knew there was email integration, social media sharing, all kinds of extra stuff, would I have to learn to do all of this too? I work from home with a 2 year old and a 1 year old climbing all over me. I just flat out figured I wouldn’t have the time and would have to bookmark the whole thing for later.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. For one, these quizzes are incredibly intuitive to make. And even if you don’t want to make one from scratch, there are countless templates available to use. Learning how to create, integrate, share, embed, these quizzes took maybe 10 minutes tops, and that was only because I had to stop to change a diaper and fill a bottle in the middle.

To start, I went here, created a demo account, clicked “Create New Quiz” and went straight for the template designs. I’m sure when I have a second I’ll sit down and create one from scratch (I know myself pretty well, so I absolutely will), but right now this was a crash course. I figured there would be 3 or 4 templates to choose from, but I was pleasantly surprised; there are 22, and you can choose more than one template.

After you select a template, you have the option of what kind of quiz you want to create: an assessment, a personality quiz, or a scored quiz. For my quiz above, I chose “personality”. It then takes you to a list of already created quizzes to choose from, or you can still create your own.

Each of these pre-made quizzes, really are already good to go. If you read through the answers and decided, “Yup, this looks good,” you could publish it right then and there. If you want to change a question or answer, just click on the text and change it. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating here. It’s pretty damn easy.

If you want to change the image, just click on it and do a quick search in the database. Plenty of free to use images come up. Just pick the one you want and done!

Then, comes the good stuff.


At the top left is the option to “Enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz.” It’s automatically set to off. You’ll want to turn this on.

First step – set up opt-in form. This is just want people see after they take the quiz, and they can decide if they’d like to enter in their email. I just set it to email only, for a few reasons: because it’s the default selection and I don’t want to do any extra work, and the less stuff people have to fill in the more likely they are to complete the process. You can edit all of this if you want by just clicking on it, but I just hit “Save and Continue” and moved on to email integration.

I’ll admit, I was nervous for this part. There’s always some API code I have to find, or some weird bit of coding, but that was not the case with this. I use Mailchimp for my email list service, so I selected Mailchimp from the list. Then I just logged in to my Mailchimp account and was done. DONE. Next it just asks what you want to do for each quiz result, and I just selected the option to add to my email list. You can do a lot more, but that was good enough for me. It took all of 30 seconds to complete. You also have the option to map each of the quiz answers to a merge field in your email. I’m not kidding when I say there are a lot of options here, but if you want the quick and easy setup, don’t stress over it. It’s still just as beneficial.


After all of this was done, I just hit “Publish” and then selected the “Share and Embed” option. This brings you to a screen where you can decide exactly how you want to share it on your website, from a pop-up, to an embedded page, to an announcement bar that sits at the top. I chose the embedded page option, and since I use a wordpress blog it instructed me how to install the wordpress plugin, and I was up and running. For my website, it was as easy as copy an paste in a text section.

Nevermind the fact that you can format each quiz to match your brand design. I didn’t even get into that! And after your quiz is up you can see all of the results and analytics at anytime.


Honestly, I was blown away by how easy this was to create and implement a quiz, and I see a million ways of using this. I teach photography classes, so I could easily use this to separate website visitors into subgroups depending on their level of photography expertise. I write about family travel, so I’ll probably make a quiz asking people their favorite places to travel to with their family as well as the places they’ve always wanted to take their kids. For my website page with my gallery prints, I could create a quiz asking people about their home decor or sizes they usually buy. Since I can embed a different quiz on a different page of my website, the options are literally endless.

My class, Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing is coming out soon, and you can bet I’ll be including a very detailed section of how to use this and integrate it to you email account. In the meantime though, if you’d like to try the free demo, just click here!

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May 1, 2018



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    Ariel Cordero

    February 20, 2019

    Thanks Jenna! That was fun and very helpful 🙂

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      February 25, 2019

      Glad to hear it!


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