Runaway Bride

I’d actually been waiting for a cloudy day for this picture, but since the suitcases are on loan I decided last night was as good of circumstances as I was going to get, and in reality, I kind of like the way it turned out with the setting sun in the background.

I have to say, while some photographers plan their shoots to the millimeter, I tend to be more of a free spirit. I have a general idea of what I want the photo to look like in my head, but until I’m on location I never really set anything into motion. I guess you could say it all kind of comes to me in the moment. Sound cheesy? Probably, but I can’t quite think of a better way to explain it.

For this photo, I used suitcases as my prop. I set my camera up in the direction I wanted then began photographing myself until I got an image I was happy with. Fortunately (since I was quickly losing light) I hit a decent pose rather quickly, which meant the rest of the night was spent positioning my props the way I wanted them. Besides the obvious stares from cars passing by (no doubt wondering who the crazy lady dressed in white is and why she is standing on the side of the highway throwing suitcases into the air), the shoot went pretty quick. I snapped this photo right in the middle of the fiasco while taking a much needed break (it’s hard work throwing suitcases around!).


The editing, however, is not a fast process. It’s now 4:50 am and I’m just getting around to finishing up the blog post. Here’s a little peak of my morning as the editing goes along:

While I say I have about 8 or 9 layers going in the video, the final photo ended up as a composition of 32 layers, then a few extra for effect. It all came together for this final product:

Runaway Bridew

In the end, I’m actually pretty happy with it! Click here if you’d like to see the first of the “Dream” collection, and don’t forget to visit my website or Facebook page for more!

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4 thoughts on “Runaway Bride

  1. Sooo… someone posted a link to your “Dear New Photographer” post which was an excellent read, btw… but what really drew me in was your fantastic surreal images… so i checked out your website and i am in awe of your work… but what really made me smile is your description of this shoot… the crazy lady in the white dress, at the side of the road, throwing suitcases in the air… 😀 i’ve been known to do some crazy stuff – just glad to know i’m not alone!

    1. Thank you!! Ha yup, it’s nice to know there are other weirdos out there just like us, isn’t it? I’m glad you found me! 😀

  2. I am glad I am not the only one that looks this way and it is a tremendous image by the way. I set up a tripod but usually have a model of some kind to shoot, usually a grandchild, but we do crazy things and they are starting to have an interesting portfolio of shots.

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