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Confessions of a Newbie – Business Advice I Wish I’d Known

I have to admit, when I first started my photography business I didn’t think it was going to be that difficult. I thought I’d get a camera, take some photos, put some stuff out on Facebook and people would start hiring me. They would give me money, I would give…

Underwater Model Workshop with RMEA

Montana water is pretty cold in winter...and spring...and...okay actually it's pretty cold every single day of the year. As an underwater photographer I have to admit it's not the most ideal place for year-round shooting. But the crystal clear glacier water I have access to in the summer (although freezing),…

In Loving Memory of a Blueberry

Fair warning: this is not going to be a happy post. I’m really not even sure how to start this. Even as I’m writing I’m not even sure I’m going to publish it. I’m just awake in my bed, desperately trying to make any sense of this weekend, and so…

10 Best Business Resolutions for Photographers

Alright 2016, let’s chat for a sec… Last year I wrote about my 10 Best New Year's Resolutions for Photographers and I’m happy to say I followed most of them. I even printed my photos, which means there are photos of my husband and new daughter in my house right…
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My Protest Of Matching Socks

  You will very rarely, if ever, catch me wearing a pair of matching socks. I never match my socks. Ever. And not because I think it looks cool, or I lost some random bet or something, but for an entirely different reason. Years ago (maybe 10? 12?), I read…
UW - bday 2

Taking Back What’s Mine

Today is my 31st birthday! But before I get on to that, I have to write this post. I need to write this post. And I’ll warn you now…this one's got some language. I used to be a birthday hater. I dreaded it. And not because I hated being the center of…
Madi 3

10 Tips For Successful Underwater Portrait Photography

My brain is officially underwater. Photographically, that is. I see everything in terms of underwater. A friend shows me the gorgeous wedding dress she picked out, and I wonder what it would look like in a pool. My mother-in-law shows me a new chair she reupholstered and I wonder how…

Following That Gut Instinct

There's nothing quite as depressing as the sound of silence in a cubicle. The incessant buzzing of the air conditioner and the relentless squeaking of a run-down office chair fills the air, broken only by the telltale sound of an employee attempting to surreptitiously remove the Ceran wrap from his…

“In Bloom” Floral Double Exposures

This last winter was pretty rough. I won't get into details, but like so many others I found myself craving the feeling of warm sunshine like never before. I was wearing shorts in February folks, simply as an open boycott of winter. I was done. I needed to be surrounded by…
A Quiet Place

So Over The “Overly-Retouched” Argument

Ah, “photography”, you loosely defined word that everyone seems to have their own definition of. It’s amazing how polarizing you can be, isn’t it? And one of your most polarizing aspects seems to be exactly how much retouching is considered reasonable. Purists claim no retouching of any kind is allowed…

The Photo I Wish I Had

Today was my wedding day. It wasn't a very big wedding. We'd actually been planning to get married in August, but after we found out I was pregnant (yay!), a very simple fact was staring us right in the face - I needed insurance. Now. Plus I'd be about 8…

When It All Gets To Be Just Too Damn Hard

I have had a shitty, shitty week.  Not like the kind of week, where you have a flat tire, an overdraft fee and get gum stuck in your hair, but the kind that makes you question everything about who you even are in the first place. The kind that leaves you…

An Open Letter to the Artist Support System

Support is a funny thing. As an artist, 96% of our career is spent dealing with rejection. Rejection from friends, family, other artists and even the art world itself. Making a living from art can be a very long and lonely, misunderstood journey, especially in the beginning, and having a decent…

10 Best Photography New Year’s Resolutions

I love New Year's. Halloween, Christmas and National Cat Day (obviously) are high on my list too, but New Year's holds a special weight for me. It's the resolutions that I'm so addicted to. I love making them. I love hearing them. I write them down and put them in tables and…

Inspiration in Photography & Why My Crazy Isn’t Going Anywhere

I love December. I love Christmas, I love all the sparkly lights and gingerbread everything, not to mention the fact that snow makes for fantastic photos. But besides all of that, I also love that it comes right before clean-slate January. I'll be honest; I make a lot of mistakes during the year.…